Specs. - Green Hunter Prix

When:  Friday-Saturday, September 4-5, 2020 during HITS Championship

Where:  HITS-on-the-Hudson, Saugerties, New York

To be held over two days. Open to Horses Eligible to show in the Green Hunter 3' or 3'3" Division under USEF Rules. See Championship Conditions and Specifications on the following page for more details and information on this class.

ELIGIBILITY - Horse must be eligible to show in the Green Hunter 3' or 3'3" Division under USEF Rules. Horse must be Officially entered according to the Entry Procedure in the Championship Conditions and Specifications Section of the Prize List. Riders may ride three (3) horses in the Final.

CROSS ENTRY RESTRICTIONS - No cross entry of horse into any class with fences 3’6” or higher at the same show.

CONDITIONS & SPECIFICATIONS - Horses will not be required to jog, but must be serviceably sound. To be judged on style and performance. To be scored under the open numerical judging system. Fences 3’, spreads not to exceed fence height.

The First round and Second round to be scored by at least 2 judges. One judge or panel will be designated as the tie-breaking judge/panel. The First round shall be over a Classic-type course of 12-16 fences. All who compete in the First round will be eligible to return for the Second round in reverse order of their scores from the First round. Horses eliminated in the First round will return with a score of zero (0). In the case of a tie, the order of those tied will be drawn. The Second round shall be over a course of 10-12 fences and may include handy-type elements. Scores from both rounds will be added to determine the winner. In the case of a tie for first place, there will be a tie-braking round over a shortened course. In the case of a tie for any other place, the designated tie-breaking panel of judges shall break the tie.

ORDER OF GO - The order will be drawn. AWARDS - Trophy, Cooler and Ribbons 1-15

PRIZE MONEY - Awarded 1-15, see Prize List for breakdown.