Standings - Ocala

Adeptus Leading Jumper Rider Standings

Standings Updated as of 2.22.21 - Standings include HITS Ocala Weeks I-V

Week I LITTLE DARCSTAR WB Bailey Vick Bailey Vick Adult Jumper Low 18-45
Week II IMAGINE DRAGONS Taylor Howard Taylor Howard 0.80m Jumper
Week III P. DIDDY Meredith Huddle Meredith Huddle Adult Jumper High 36 & Over
Week IV PLAYFUL BANTER Kaila James Kaila James 0.65m Jumper TIE
TEXAS SECRET Terri Combs Terri Combs Adult Jumper Low 46  & Over
Week V ANOTHER CHANCE Olivia Kocher Marcellina Vitale 0.65m Jumper
LITTLE DARCSTAR WB Bailey Vick Bailey Vick Adult Jumper Low 18-45
TOP SHELF Rebecca Johnson Ellisyn Brower Children's Jumper Medium


Update as of 2.22.21 - Inludes qualifing classes from HITS Ocala Weeks I-VHITs Ocala Equitation Championship Qualified Riders

Alexis Seiden MacKenna Moss
Beverly Banerji Maddie Tosh
Caroline Berg Madison Ramsey
Cassidy Rein Mikayla Sancho
Emma Engel Mimi Colette Frei
Helen Ballard Morgan Budovsky
Hugh Turner Naomi Dachis
Isabella Griffin Natalie Croft
Jada Fuleky Natalie Tezsla
Jessie Rechs Paige Moose
Kate Egan Reese Merna
Katie Triantos Reynolds Cole
Kelsey Fishbein Samantha Meyer
Kyra Jones Sarah Steadman
Lauren Jorgenson Schuyler Dayner
*The HITS Ocala Equitation Championship is open to Juniors and Young Riders. In order to be eligible, a rider needs to have placed First, Second or Third in any one of these Medals; USEF Medal, ASPCA Maclay, USEF Talent Search, WIHS Equitation (either phase or overall), M&S Junior Medal, or EJ Haun Medal during the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit I - X.

2ND-HALF Circuit Award Standings

A few reminders about Circuit Points:
 - Some classes/divisions get combined week to week. Points in those divisions will be manually added at the end of the series. If any of your classes/division have combined during the circuit, be sure to look at the points in ALL sections to determine the totals.
 - Points in Equitation Divisions will be manually combined to account for riders showing different horses week to week.
 - Classics and medals do not count toward points for Circuit Awards.

For questions regarding Circuit Points, please email Erin Webb.

2ND-Half Standings will be updated following Week VI of the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. For Overall Circuit Champion Standings, please visit the Standings - Overall page.