Horze Equestrian to Sponsor Parade of Champions at 2014 HITS Desert Circuit

SAUGERTIES, NY (November 22, 2014)HITS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Horze Equestrian has re-signed as a sponsor of the 2014 HITS Horse Shows.

The Horze Sponsorship is highlighted by naming rights to the popular Parade of Champions at the 2014 HITS Desert Circuit in Thermal, California. Horze Equestrian will provide each weekly champion with an embroidered champion cooler to showcase all of their hard work in the show ring.

“Horze Equestrian is helping to make our champion presentations very special during the 2014 horse show season,” said HITS Sponsorship Coordinator Chris Mayone. “This is the second year in a row that Horze Equestrian has sponsored the Parade of Champions at the HITS Desert Circuit and their product has proven to be very popular among HITS exhibitors.”

In addition to being named the title sponsor of the Parade of Champions during the 2014 HITS Desert Circuit, Horze Equestrian will also be featured during Desert Circuit V when some of the top grand prix riders in the world take aim at the top prize in the $50,000 Horze Equestrian Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis. The event will take place Sunday, March 2.

©Flying Horse Photography
A 2013 Circuit Champion shows off her Horze Equestrian cooler at the HITS Desert Circuit.

About Horze Equestrian
In 1982 a dream was born. In the small town of Lahti, Finland, three horseshoe makers shared a common value – a passion for perfection in their work. Their dream was to share this passion with the whole of Finland. They wished to be known not just in their small town, but also across the whole of their country. With admirable ambition they formed a company called Finn-Tack, laboring to establish themselves in the industry. Their perseverance lead to the extension of the company, which was soon providing not only horseshoes, but also trotting equipment of the best quality. They gained a strong reputation in the industry and it was not long until they were dominating the European trotting market. Finn-Tack grew and grew, thriving on the success that was a result of superior quality and intelligent pricing. Passion was rewarded with results and in 2003 a new line with the brand name Horze was developed. Horze was to focus on providing high-quality clothes and equipment to the whole equestrian sport segment at affordable prices, an initially daunting prospect. Today, Horze is not just fulfilling the vision it had from the very beginning, but taking that vision to every corner of the globe.