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Vermont Summer Festival

July 7th - August 15th, 2021

Six-Weeks of Top Equestrian Competition in Vermont's Green Mountains

HITS is pleased to announce its partnership with John Ammerman and the Vermont Summer Festival will continue into 2021 and beyond. HITS will be the acting Show Management for the Vermont Summer Festival that has been a mainstay of East Coast show jumping for decades. The six-week USEF Premier/4*-rated Festival offers a boutique-style horse show just outside picturesque Manchester, Vermont. Nestled between the Green and Taconic mountains, and known for its ‘small town charm’ and ‘big city style,’ Manchester boasts spectacular scenery, myriad cultural pursuits, premium shopping and recreational activities unique to every season.

The Vermont Summer Festival will offer an all-inclusive schedule of hunter, jumper, and equitation classes, including its popular “Equitation Tuesdays” program.  Featured classes will include TWO Grand Prix each week, a $25,000 Grand Prix on Friday and a $40,000 Grand Prix on Sunday.  New ring fence is being installed, and footing is being refurbished in all show rings and schooling areas, many with the popular footing HITS is bringing from its Balmoral Park facility. More special classes and grounds plans will be announced soon – check back often for updates and follow us on Facebook!

HITS is excited to bring its expertise and experience to the Vermont Summer Festival. For general questions or stabling inquiries, contact

With an eye on the health and safety of all of our exhibitors, we have developed a Protocol for all of our sites. Please also review the USEF Protocol.




We encourage you to send entries early! The only way to reserve stalls is to submit entries by mail or online, with payment for stalls and horse deposit.
Vermont Summer Special (I)Premier/4* July 7-11 Entry  |  Schedule
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix  Sunday  
Manchester Summer Festival (II)Premier/4* July 14-18 Entry  |  Schedule      
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix  Sunday  
Manchester Classic (III)Premier/4* July 21-25 Entry  |  Schedule
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix  Sunday  
   World Championship Hunter Rider Week    
Valley Classic (IV)Premier/4* July 28 – Aug 1 Entry  |  Schedule
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix  Sunday  
Manchester & the Mountains (V)Premier/4* August 4-8 Entry  |  Schedule
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix  Sunday  
Vermont Summer Celebration (VI)Premier/4* August 11-15 Entry  |  Schedule
   $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix  Friday  
   $40,000 Grand Prix presented by Hampton Inn & Suites Sunday  
EQUITATION TUESDAYS USEF Local-rated Schedule + Entry
   Vermont Summer Special Tuesday (I)  July 6  
   Manchester Summer Festival Tuesday (II) July 13  
   Manchester Classic Tuesday (III)  July 20  
   Valley Classic Tuesday (IV)  July 27  
   Manchester & the Mountains Tuesday (V) August 3  
   Vermont Summer Celebration Tuesday (VI) August 10  


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Vermont Summer Festival

Harold Beebe Farm
3028 Route 7, East Dorset, VT  05251
802.362.0118  |  Fax: 802.362.0119

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