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Show Office Procedure


With an eye on the health and safety of all of our exhibitors, we have developed a Protocol for all of our sites.
For more news on our plans for the summer, visit our Press Page.



To encourage social distancing and decrease face-to-face contact, HITS Staff will be transferring many of our office procedures online! Find everything you need here to make your trip to HITS smooth as can be. Watch for new online features throughout the summer!

When emailing us please include the Trainer Name and Horse Show you are attending in the Subject Line.

Show Office Quick Tips
  • Show Office capacity will be limited to one person per secretary
  • Exhibitors will be asked to form a line outside if office is at capacity
  • Please follow the one-way traffic through the In and Out doors
  • Please only one person per trainer group at a time - no non-essential individuals
  • Please no dogs
  • Please no cell phones
  • Please wear a mask or other face covering

Submit Entries      
Enter Online for any HITS Show using the Show Management System. This is the best way to ensure we have the most complete information for your entries. Enter Online    
Sign the New USEF Waiver Forms      
USEF has updated their Entry Agreement and Waivers
All owners, riders, and trainers must sign the updated forms. Please complete and email back to us before the horse show.
Entry Agreement
Email USEF Forms -
Saugerties & Culpeper
Email USEF Forms -

HITS and ShowHorseTV are excited to announce expanded Live Stream and Video Services at HITS Saugerties. Every ring is being streamed LIVE at ShowHorse.TV, and videos will be archived and accessible for a full year.  For complete instructions click here.

   HITS Saugerties HITS Culpeper HITS Chicago
Submit Horse Health & Vaccination Paperwork      
Email your Health Declaration and proof of Flu/Rhino Vaccinations (within 6 months of show)
*Remember, the State of Virgina also requires a negative Coggins test within 1 year (Culpeper)
Health Declaration Health Declaration Health Declaration
Email Health Declaration and Vaccinations to: HITS Health HITS Health Lamplight Health
Get Your Stabling Assignment      
Stabling assignments will be available 24 hours prior to arrival at the show Stabling Manager
845.246.5515 (during shows)
Stabling Manager
540.825.7469 (during shows)
Stabling Manager
24.238.7460 (during shows)
Order Feed & Bedding      
Place feed orders online to be delivered prior to arrival or during the horse show Saugerties Culpeper  Chicago
Enter Classes      
Add and Scratch classes online Saugerties Culpeper Chicago
Sign Up for a Spot in the Order of Go      
Each week we will post a list of who is at which in-gate and contact information to coordinate your spot in the order of go.      
Need to Reach a Show Secretary      
Are you ready to check-in or check-out? Have a question for the Show Office? You can reach a Horse Show Secretary with any questions or request a copy of your invoice by email now HITS Secretary
845.246.5515 (during shows) 
HITS Secretary  
540.825.7469 (during shows)
Lamplight Secretary
24.238.7460 (during shows)
Request your Award      
Ribbons/Awards will not be handed out at the ring. If you placed at any of the horse shows, you can either donate a meal to the needy or we can mail your awards to you. Fill out the form to the right and let us know what you would prefer!     Award Request Form

Other USEF Requirements      
If you complete any of the following services online prior to the start of the horse show and your account does not refresh with the updated information OR if you complete during the horse show, please email proof or Registration (your emailed receipt) and Safe Sport Training/Refresher (PDF of Certificate) to the (Saugerties and Culpeper) or (Chicago) so that we can place with your entry blank.
All owners, riders, and trainers must be USEF and USHJA registered. Log into your USEF MyWay account to be sure you are an active member or to renew your membership. Equine Canada Members must have active Gold or Platinum memberships. All non-members will be charged show pass fees.  USEF MyWay  Equine Canada
Safe Sport Training      
All participants 18 or over, must complete USEF Safe Sport Training. Any owner, rider, trainer, or registered owner of a farm is required to complete the training or refresher before they or any of their horses will be allowed to compete.  Safe Sport FAQ's  
Horse Registration      
Don't forget your horse's USEF and USHJA registrations - there is not a "Show Pass" option for a horse. All horses MUST be USHJA registered.    
All horses must be microchipped and have the chip number recorded with USEF. Micrchip numbers can be submitted online or faxed to USEF.  Microchip FAQ's  USEF Microchip Form
Horses and ponies showing in Junior Hunter 3'3"/3'6", Pony Hunter, Children's Pony Hunter, and Pony Jumper must have a measurement card in order to compete.