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HITS Saugerties Series

May 22nd - September 8th, 2019

How do you make the best even better? When it comes to the HITS Saugerties Series, it starts with an expanded commitment to make our trainers, participants and guests an even bigger focal point in 2019. We’ve spent the offseason reviewing our amenities and service offerings to deliver an even more exceptional venue aimed at making your experience in our hometown completely first-class. HITS has developed a reputation of producing shows with unmatched operation and first-class competition for a broad range of ages and skill levels. From Short Stirrup and the Marshall & Sterling Insurance League to Grand Prix and FEI CSI Competition, HITS is committed to delivering something for everyone at the 2019 HITS Saugerties Series.

The HITS Saugerties Show Series welcomes equestrians for eight weeks of shows, $3 million in prize money, bi-weekly Grand Prix, qualifiers for the HITS Championship, USEF Premier and National-Rated Hunters, 5* and 6* Jumpers, and the new LEGEND VIP Club. The majestic Catskill Mountains provide a sweeping backdrop to this exciting series, that has made its home at HITS-on-the-Hudson since 2004. In the fall, the HITS Championship caps the HITS Saugerties Series with hunter and jumper finals and the Saugerties FEI CSI5* class. 

2019 DATES

HITS-on-the-Hudson I  May 22-26 FEI CSI2*
HITS-on-the-Hudson II  May 29 - June 2 FEI CSI2*
HITS-on-the-Hudson III June 5-9 FEI CSI2*
   $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby June 8  
   USHJA Platinum Jumper Championship   Zone I&II
New FEI Events - The Saugerties Spring Series, May 22-June 9, will feature three consecutive weeks of CSI FEI2* competition in 2019.  This is a popular time on the US Show Jumping calendar as horses and riders gear up for the summer, and with three weeks at one location, it gives High Performance riders the perfect opportunity to earn World Ranking points.
HITS-on-the-Hudson IV July 17-21  
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday I  July 23  
HITS-on-the-Hudson V July 24-28  
   $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby July 27  
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday II July 30  
HITS-on-the-Hudson VI - NY Horse & Pony Show July 31 - August 4  
   $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby August 3  
   Children's Hunter Pony Final August 3-4  
HITS-on-the-Hudson VII  August 28 - September 1 FEI CSI2*
   USHJA Child & Adult Amateur Hunter Championship Zones 1 & 2  
HITS-on-the-Hudson VIII   September 4-8 FEI CSI5*
HITS Championship Week     
   NCEA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Finals    
   Saugerties $500,000 Grand Prix  Sunday, September 8  
M&S Insurance League National Finals September 11-15  



HITS-on-the-Hudson I FEI CSI2* Class Listing Schedule Entry   
HITS-on-the-Hudson II -  FEI CSI2* Class Listing Schedule Entry  
HITS-on-the-Hudson IIIFEI CSI2* Class Listing Schedule Entry Revised Schedule
  USHJA Platinum Jumper Championship Specs   Entry Zones I & II
HITS-on-the-Hudson IV Class Listing Schedule Entry   
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday I  Class Listing   Entry  
HITS-on-the-Hudson V Class Listing Schedule Entry   
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday II Class Listing   Entry  
HITS-on-the-Hudson VI - NY Horse & Pony Show Class Listing Schedule Entry  
HITS-on-the-Hudson VII - FEI CSI2* Class Listing Schedule Entry  
   USHJA Child & Adult Amateur Hunter Championship Class Listing   Entry  Zones I & II
HITS-on-the-Hudson VIII  FEI CSI5* Class Listing Schedule Entry   


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