Specs. - HITS Equitation Championship, Ocala Championship

Open to Juniors/Young Riders who have placed First, Second or Third in the USEF Medal, ASPCA Maclay, USEF Talent Search, WIHS Equitation (either phase or overall), M&S Junior Medal, or EJ Haun Medal During HITS Ocala I-X.  To include all approved classes through Friday of HITS X.  


  • Round I: To be held over a course of fences set at 3'6". Course to include gymnastics, trot fences, oxers, verticals and combinations.
  • Round II: The top twelve will return in reverse order. To be shown over a course of 10-12 fences with technical, jumper-type elements. Open Water to be offered as an option fence.
  • Round III: Further testing at judges discretion. May include USEF Equitation Tests 1-19.

Performance Over Fences to be judged by a panel of at least two judges. A guest judge with a Grand Prix rider/trainer background may be invited to sit with the panel.

Schooling Area to be observed by a Supervisor who is a Judge, Rider/Trainer or Steward. While no formal score will be given, the observations of the Schooling Area Supervisor will be shared with the judges. Excellence will be rewarded and obvious errors will be noted.


  •  All horses must remain in the schooling area under the supervision of the Supervisor and the Paddock Manager.
  •  Only one rider per horse.
  •  Riders are responsible for the course walk as well as the management and schooling of their own horse.
  •  Each rider is allowed to have one groom/assistant in the holding area to assist with the horse and to set fences in the schooling area, at the sole direction of the rider.
  •  Riders may not leave the designated schooling area, rider seating area or holding area at any time unless accompanied by the Supervisor or Paddock Manager.
  •  Trainers may not enter the designated schooling area, rider seating area or holding area at any time.
  •  Any communication between the rider and trainer will result in immediate elimination.
  •  All cell phones and similar devices will be collected and returned at the conclusion of the class.
  •  Failure to follow the above requirements will result in elimination from the competition.

Conventional tack per JP 111. Running or standing martingales used in the conventional manner are permitted. Change of tack is permissible between phases.

Trophy, Cooler and Ribbons 1-12