Important Information for HITS Exhibitors!

Important Reminder for Competitors Regarding US Equestrian
The USEF Corporate Office will be closed August 30 to September 3! If you are competing at a show on these dates, be prepared to present proper documentation of all your USEF memberships and requirements.

US Equestrian (USEF) is moving to a new building! From Friday, August 30 - Tuesday, September 3, the USEF office will be closed. During this time, USEF’s online tools and services, including the website, Customer Care Center, horse and member records, fax, and email, will be unavailable. This means you will not be able to contact USEF for verification of any membership, ownership, or results information.
If you are competing at HITS-on-the-Hudson VII, or any other competition between August 30-September 3, print and bring hard copies of the following documents with you to the show grounds, as applicable:
  • Membership Card
    • Make sure your USEF and USHJA Memberships are renewed for 2019. You can renew online at by signing in to your USEF My Way account, or you can renew in the show office.
  • SafeSport Training Certificates
    • If you are 18 or over, be sure you have completed the USEF Safe Sport Training. Any owner, rider, trainer, or registered owner of a Farm is required to complete this training before they or any of their horses will be allowed to compete. For more information visit USEF Safe Sport.
  • Horse Recording
    • All horses must be registered with USHJA, and must be microchipped and the microchip number recorded with USEF. Fear not - HITS has a vet ON-SITE at every horse show who can take care of this for you!  Here’s a link to USEF’s Microchip FAQ.
  • Measurement Cards
  • Farm/business Recording
  • Horse Passport
  • FEI Registration
Along with hard copies of the above listed documents, HITS Exhibitors should remember that they also need to present the following items upon arrival:
  • Copies of Flu/Rhino vaccinations. Flu/Rhino vaccines must be completed within six months of the competition and proof of vaccination is required at all USEF Shows. Make sure your horse is up to date on all vaccinations and bring copies with you to the show office.
  • HITS doesn’t require a Health Certificate from your vet, but we do have a Health Declaration form you’ll need to complete. You may do this ahead of time, or when you come to the office. Fill out the Health Declaration here!