Back on Track

Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection for horses.  Products are manufactured from a “ceramic textile” made up of polyester, polypropylene and cotton fibers with a ceramic powder used to fuse the fibers together.  The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property which reflects body heat.  By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine (which is supported by scientific studies), Back on Track creates products that help horses achieve a more active and comfortable life.  Back on Track’s horse exercise boots, blankets, neck/head covers, saddle pads, leg wraps, and knee/hock/bell boots are leaders in the industry. 

Back on Track sponsors the “Grand Circuit Champion Awards” in Culpeper, Virginia & “Level 4 Jumpers” on a nationwide basis.


Bo Lofvander, President, Back on Track

“Horse care is major part of our business and the ability to support horse shows like those put on by HITS seemed to be a perfect fit for our product.  The nurturing and care of horses is important to Back on Track, and by aligning ourselves with HITS we have found a partner who cares as much as we do.”